• Piping hot
  • Light & Airy
  • Made When You Order
  • Melts in Your Mouth
  • Guaranteed Fresh
  • Golden Brown & Crispy
  • Better than bite-size

The Goody's Experience

So much more than a mini-donut


You get so much more than a mini-donut from Goody's. We make every donut to order -- right in front of you -- so you get a live experience that is sure to please any crowd.


Our donuts are made from Lil' Orbits original donut recipe, so you get a quality, classic donut taste each time you bite into one of our piping hot, golden brown mini-donuts.


Every single Goody's mini-donut is hand-made by our owners, Bruce & Kelley Good. So you get exceptional service with a smile each time you visit a Goody's mini-donut event.


Give your guests a memorable mini-donut experience they'll never forget. No event is too big or too small... and we'll customize our setup for your private event.

3 Delicious Flavors


Classic Plain

Our original plain mini-donuts may be plain, but they are as delicious as donuts come. Made from Lil' Orbits original donut recipe, these classic mini-donuts are light and airy donuts that melt in your mouth.

Powdered Sugar

You'll love your bag of Goody's mini-donuts when they are covered in our snow white powdered sugar topping. We sprinkle powdered sugar over the piping hot mini-donuts. As it begins to melt, you can enjoy a sweet, buttery donut experience.


Cinnamon Sugar

One taste of a mini-donut sprinkled with Goody's cinnamon sugar and you'll feel like a kid all over again. We take a savory spoonful of cinnamon and swirl it with a sweet handful of sugar to create that unforgettable cinnamon toast flavor.


Private Event

Mini-Donut Perfection

Mini-Donut Heaven

The Mini-Donut Masters

Collector’s Bucket

The Mini-Donut Machine

School Carnival

1 Dozen Mini-Donuts

Our happy customers


"I can't wait for Riverpark Farmer's Market on Tuesday nights to start back up... these guys are always there and my family LOVES those little baby donuts!!!"

"Shelby from Fresno"

"My kids & I went to see Santa at Riverpark last night... the line was long so we bought a bucket of mini-donuts to share while we waited. My kids thought it was awesome to see the donuts being made right there -- and they were so yummy too!"

"Reyna from Madera"


"Great little donuts... pretty awesome because they make them right in front of you. And they're freakin delicious..."

"Drew from Fresno"

"I've had the mini-donuts a couple of times around Fresno at different farmer's markets. I always get the powdered sugar ones because the sugar gets all melty and tastes so good."

"Rick in Clovis"


Our team and some fun facts







3 How Many Mini-Donut Flavors You Can Choose From
0 The total amount of trans-fats and cholesterol in our donuts. None!
32 The Number of Mini-Donuts You Get In A Collector's Bucket
1,003,000 How Many Mini-Donuts We've Made

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make mini-donuts at my private event?

Yes! Our mini-donuts can make any event a fun, memorable experience, including birthday parties, wedding receptions, school carnivals, fundraisers, church events, and more. There is no event too big or too small. We can customize our setup to meet your needs exactly. Send us a message below for rates and availability.

I've never had a mini-donut. Can I get a sample?

Of course! We offer a free mini-donut sample anytime. Stop by our booth at one of our upcoming events and try one... it's on us! Check out our schedule to see our upcoming dates and locations.

What is your donut recipe?

We can't give away our best secrets! But we will say that we only use Lil' Orbits original donut mix and completely trans-fat-free and cholesterol-free shortening... all to give you the best donuts you'll ever taste.

What do your mini-donuts cost?

We have 3 sizes for you to choose from:

  • Full bag-16 donuts-$5
  • Half bag-8 donuts-$3
  • Collector Bucket-32 donuts-$11, which includes lifetime refills for $8 each.


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